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AAA ENT. CO., LTD, established in 1979, is a professional manufacturer of solenoid valve and various automatic control valves.Our products were rewarded First Reward of Elite Products by Hydraulic & Pneumatic Machinery Association of The R.O.C. and have ISO 9002 International Quality Assurance System Certification endorsed by RW-TUV.

The merits of our CE Marking products are compact size, high flow rate , uncomplicated structure, long life, low cost and easy to maintain. The material of valve body can be chosen from Forged Brass, Investment Casting Stainless Steel and injection PP Engineering Plastic.

Low power consumption Coil DIN 40050 with DIN 43650 to IP 65 Water Proof 100%ED and varied voltage alternatives, including AC 24,48,110, 220, 380, 440 and DC 6,12,24,48, 110. EEX M II T4 and EEX M II T6 Explosion Proof grade products are also available.

Our products can be used in diversified flow,including air, water, steam, gas, light oil, heavy oil and various corrosive liquids and also feasible under vacuum environment.Available working pressure ranging from 0~60kg/cm2,temperature from -10~185oC and size from M5, 1/8""~4"". Choices can be made consulting following catalogue.
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網址 : 地址 : 台北縣汐止市福德一路405巷5號
主要產品 : ,電磁閥,電磁閥開關作動器

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