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Sunrise Fluid Power Inc. is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic machinery and cylinders in Taiwan. We are ISO-9001 certified by BVQI, and our products meet the safety requirements of the CE regulations.

Total customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We offer products with high quality and reliability at affordable prices.

Today Sunrise's global sales network covers markets around the globe, including the Far East Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and many others.
公司名稱 : 興陽實業股份有限公司 電話 : 886-4-2359-1190
傳真 : 886-4-2359-3409 email :
網址 : 地址 : 台中市西屯區協和里工業區十二路7號
主要產品 : ,油壓鐵工萬能機,油壓沖孔機,油壓缸,油壓機器,油壓臥式折床

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客服專線:886-2-2395-1200 傳真:886-2-2395-7839